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My name is Ashley and this is my first post!! I created this blog to help stay better connected with my family and friends.  In the summer of 2013 I took a maternity leave to be home with my daughter Natalie. I stayed home for 14 glorious weeks! During this wonderful time, I got super “nesty”. I couldn’t stop this overwhelming urge to cook, clean, play mommy, craft, you name it. . I was in my element!!  I loved it.  Plus, I just love being a momma. It felt so good being home with her all day. Something that I can not put to words. I was the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. Here on my blog I will share mommyhood stories with ” Lil Munchkin” updates, Crafty DIY’s, some recipes (yummy ones only!!), and whatever else I feel like throwing in.

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Here’s a little more about this blog:

As a new mom, I find myself documenting my daughter’s every move. I have pages of notes from the first time she slept through the night, to the day she cut her first tooth (and every milestone in between). I’m very glad I’ve kept such close tabs on all these important moments. It will be so special to look back on these times. At 5 months old, I’ve taken more pictures of that cute little face than I care to admit. ;^} Then I thought, Now what? What should I do with all of these detailed notes, pictures, etc?  The answer? Blog it!

Before babies, there was a wedding. I married a wonderful man who treats me like a queen. I’m very blessed to have him as my partner in life. It was so fun planning my wedding. I was involved with every last detail and had lots of DIY projects. In general though, I love to get into craft projects! Ross shares a corner of the garage with me, that I have set up as a “Crafty Corner”. I can’t wait to share my DIY and craft projects with you, including some from the wedding!! I also like to dress up our mantel for holidays so you’ll be seeing posts like that from time to time too. :^}

Finally, I did say there would be recipes on here too didn’t I?  … Just don’t hold your breath too long okay?  Cooking isn’t something I really enjoy, especially when I can’t get a simple thing like rice to come out right. Let’s face it- I often mess up the meal some how when I’m left in charge. Runny eggs, flimsy bacon, and burnt toast? Yep. That’s me. Now, I’ve made peace with the fact that I don’t have the patience or knowledge to cook for my husband like some wives do. It’s all good. It just isn’t one of my gifts. Luckily for me, my hubby enjoys cooking and he does it very well! Whew! I’m more like the “soux chef” in our family. I accept the role with open arms. So… if I happen to make something that turns out yummy, I’ll be sure to pass it along. If I can make it, anyone can.  Now scroll down to see all my posts 0r you can enter a word in the search box by clicking the magnifying glass in the corner. Be sure to “Follow” to keep up-to-date on us!

Thanks so much for checking out my mommy-wife-crafty-chick-blog! Love to you all.



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