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{•CraFtIn’ iN JaMmIEs dAY•}

Today was fantastic!! Natalie and I spent our Thursday crafting…in our jammies!! It was 27 degrees when we left the house this morning. Brrrrrrrr! We went over to my very good friend Kim’s house, for a day of fun & Christmas crafts!! We played, laughed and got our craft on, while Christmas music played in the background… It was way more fun ’cause we were in jammies. Ya, ya, ya… It may be too early for SOME people to be in the holiday spirit, but not us gals!!

First, we made wood blocks with Christmas sayings. (Inspiration from Pinterest seen here). It took me a bit to get in the crafty groove. We both agreed it was easier having another glittery mind to bounce ideas off of. 😊 … so much fun….. We made four sets of blocks. All with different sayings. They turned out so cute!

Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge glue
Glue gun
Paper with phrases printed
Black marker
Any additional embellishments for decorating. (bells, ribbon, twine, etc)

tHIs iS HoW wE dId iT:

1) Cut & sand pieces of wood (Thank you Kim)

2) Trace wooden blocks on scrapbook paper with pencil. (We found this worked best with solid or light paper. If you pick a bright color and/or busy design, it’s not as easy to see the writing at the end.)


3) Cut out paper and adhere to wooden blocks using a thin coat of Mod Podge glue. Be sure to press down hard to remove any air bubbles

4) Print and cut out Christmas phrases
5) scribble pencil lead on the backside of phrase

6) place phrase on block, scribbled side down and carefully trace letters with pencil. Press firm while tracing

7) A”carbon copy” outline is made and visible on scrapbook paper. Fill in with a black pen
8) Finally finish it off with whatever embellishment you’d like (yarn, sequins, glitter, etc.)

Customize how you see fit. That’s the fun of it!

*Here are our finished products*





Next, we made gift tags using an embossing technique. Stamp. Powder. Heat gun. Easy!


20131121-221025.jpg Thanks for stopping by!




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