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*_Welcome Miss Natalie Marie_*

June 14, 2013

{Delivery notes}

4am– I’m up! it’s time to go to the hospital! The hubs and I are stepping over each other racing to get to the hospital by 5AM. Dr. Green warned us not to be late. I’m being induced as soon as we get there. Today is my due date.  June 14th. How appropriate that I’d be the girl to deliver on her due date.  I hate being late for anything. It really bugs me.. so of course  here I am. Right on time. . My heart’s pounding in my chest. I have crazy butterflies in my tummy. I’m going to have a baby today This is surreal.  I’m scared. It’s going to hurt, can I handle it?  EEK! I’m about to become someone’s mother…

5am Checked in at Sacred Heart Medical Center Riverbend. The nurses are all smiles and very polite. Genuinely nice. 


6am Changed into gown. IV placed. Bag of fluids hung. Blood drawn.


Nurses said I should have eaten breakfast, (dang it!) but I didn’t know! They’re going to bring me something small to eat. Drinking ice water.
My nurse Carrie came in (with graham crackers and apple juice!!!), asked me some questions then checked me. Thin but posterior. Blood pressure elevated. Rechecking in a few minutes.

6:37  pitocin hung


7am My friend Cassy arrives. I’m so glad to have a support group of people here!!

8am feeling contractions now, 3-4 min apart. Pain scale: 1-10.  They’re just a little uncomfortable, but not too painful.


8:22 dr green came in. I was happy to see him.
“Hi!” I said excitedly.
“You’re way too smiley for being in labor! Let’s break that water and get this show on the road. ”
He’s funny.
He broke my water…Ouchy! Very strong contraction following. Overwhelming feeling from head to toe. Teared up instantly. I became very emotional. This is it.
My contractions are getting painful. I have to stop and breathe through them. Nurse offered me an epidural. I declined. The pain just started really. I can handle this for a little while.

8:52 received IV Fentanyl for the pain. Nurse put it in my IV. Makes me feel light-headed. “Stoned”. My dad and Debbie are here now too.

Hhmm.. The pain is back. Yikes. I’m dilating quickly. This is happening much faster than I thought. Pain scale: 6-10 Ouch!! Damn you, pitocin!


9:50 received an epidural. Nurse said it was a good time to go ahead and get one since the anesthesiologist was available.  I’m 4-5cm. My pain is increasing quickly and I’m dilating fast. Had super strong contractions while receiving epidural. I’ve never felt pain like that, ever. I was slumped over a massage chair while the anesthesiologist did his thing. I had no time to consider the fact that the man behind me was sticking a needle in my back. Nope. Not a high priority at that moment. These contractions are strong, intense, body-shakingly-painful. I just wanted the pain to go away. That was the only thought in my mind. I moaned and my lip was quivering.  Tried to focus on my breathing. Hurry up doc!! Finally I felt cold on my back… That was the good stuff going in the epidural. Ahhhh. Wow. What pain?  I’m still able to move my legs a little bit. I’m not allowed to get out of the bed now.


11am just got checked.  7-8cm. Wow! It doubled in an hour. Geez. Thank god for epidurals. I wouldn’t wish a natural birth with pitocin on my worst enemy. Thank you epidural. I love you. My dad and Debbie are here. My Gammy and the hubby’s side of the family will be here later. We’re all very excited!

12ish–  I’m starting to feel my contractions again…? Ouch.  I’m almost 9 cm dilated and Carrie, RN is instructing me on how to push and when. She’s a little concerned that I’m feeling my contractions again all of a sudden.  The epidural drip has a button attached so when you push it, you get more pain meds right then. I pushed button twice and didn’t feel enough relief.The anesthesiologist came back in just now. My epidural wasn’t strong enough, I guess. He took care of that 😉  I must say my nurse Carrie is on it today. Every step of the way she’s guiding me and explaining what’s happening next . She’s on top of my pain management and so helpful with every single thing. You can tell she’s been doing this for a while. Ross is starving so he’s going to race down to the cafeteria for a quick bite… He’s been awesome today. I’m progressing so fast, he better hurry.

1:19 Ready to push! Nurse Kerrie had me push for a while. Then she called the doctor at his clinic, to come over to the hospital. It’s time. Epidrual or not, I can still feel this. Just pressure. Lots of pressure.  Dr Green came in, followed by a long, metal push cart covered by a blue cloth. Dr. Green, nurse Karrie, and Ross took turns encouraging me to push harder and kept reminding me to breathe. Push! Push! Push! It was awesome being coached like that by everyone; It helped me to push even harder. I pushed so hard my face was on fire and my fists were shaking. The doctor stood up and put on a gown and uncovered that cart. It was impressive. Slightly intimidating even. There were rows and ROWS of clamps, and surgical tools. Gee, that’s unsettling. No time to thinkg about that though..She is right there! I can feel the top of her head crowning! I instantly tear up!! -Such an overwhelming moment.                                                    I remember crying,    “Oh my God! I can feel her head!”      Very special!
2:08 Time of birth.   In less than an hour, Natalie is here!  She was  placed on my chest where we snuggled for about 30 minutes. She’s so tiny!



IMG_3648  IMG_3644

This nurse made a bow on her cap.


7 lbs 13 oz   20 1/2 in long. She’s long and slender with big steel eyes. She’s got the perfect little nose.



We had many visitors that day and the next morning. We didn’t get much sleep that night.    IMG_3690


After a lengthy checkout process, we got to go home.


… and so it begins.


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