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[CHRistMAS manTEL maKOVer]

Link up party!!! I’m attempting to link up to an awesome blogger- Craft-O-Maniac!! I’ve been following this crafty chick for a while now. Check her out here (I hope I’m “linking up” properly!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE doing craft projects? It’s my most favorite hobby for sure. 🙂
Today, after putting up my Christmas decorations, I realized my mantel was a little sad. I didn’t feel like using the same decorations from years prior.. So there it sat. Plain. Bare. Boring. It needed just a pinch… of TLC. 🙂

Soooo…. I got a CRAFTY wild hair.


Time to change it up a bit. New theme. New colors. Fresh. Hhmmm…
How about white and burlap?? Green wreath with feathers!? Ooh, the wheels are turnin’! First… A trip to the craft store to really get the ‘ol creative juices flowing! I stumbled upon a huge (60% off!!) SALE on all Christmas décor!! Woooo hooooo! I decided to make a wreath to hang above the fireplace.

I found most of these items in the clearance section. 20131201-142733.jpg20131201-143257.jpg
Green wreath… Added a few feathers…


20131201-143440.jpgA little hot glue here…

20131201-145754.jpg..a little hot glue there.

I finished it off with two matching white trees to add a little height.20131201-145300.jpg20131201-150907.jpg



Thanks for letting me share my Christmas Mantel Makeover with you. I’m so excited for the holiday season!

Hhmmm…wait. I think it’s missing a little something. It’s not quite complete. Maybe a burlap pennant banner to finish it off..???
What do you think? (Is that a yes I hear?) OKAY!
Here we go! Craft project Round 2:

I stenciled letters onto a light burlap. 20131201-222826.jpg
Then I glued the letters onto darker burlap that was pre-cut into a pennant.


20131201-224107.jpgNext, I took a square piece of scrapbook paper and glued to the backside to help the letter show through.

Then I glued the pennants onto a burlap-type ribbon. Be sure to space them equally, leaving room on each end.

20131201-224508.jpg Next, I glued a burlap bow on each end.


Finally, I hung my new banner on the mantel. 20131201-224913.jpg



Christmas Mantel 2013

Christmas Mantel 2013




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