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Happy Snow Day..er…WEEK!

Wow! Well we got 5-7 inches of powdery snow dumped on our town … two days ago! – it’s not going anywhere anytime soon either. The temp is dipping into the single digits at night; Only warming to about 27 degrees during the day. We don’t get weather like this very often. It’s pretty!!


The weatherman says we won’t even reach above freezing until Tuesday! Geesh. We woke up to -8 degrees this morning. •brrrrrr• ….. Needless to say I just (finally) left the house for the first time in a while. Although it’s slippery and can be a pain to drive in, I can’t complain. I think the snow is beautiful. It feels like Christmas time. 🙂 20131208-190912.jpg



As the city started to shut down from all the crazy weather, I wondered how we’re going to entertain ourselves for the next several days?! The roads were skating rinks. It was time to get creative!

My weekend started with cooking …

. 20131208-193210.jpg

… a ham. It was so easy. I got a pre-cooked spiral cut ham from Costco. 2 hrs in the oven, and presto! Yep, couldn’t help myself! Mmmm. We had a ton of ham left over … which lead to navy bean & ham soup! ( I forgot to take a picture! Oops)

Followed by some yummy m&m cookies!! (Natalie helped!) We spent a ton of time in the kitchen this weekend 🙂 so fun! I can’t wait to teach my little girl how to cook, bake, craft -Oh my!


Since we were still stranded at home in this winter wonderland … Mommy decided to have a fashion shoot:


I sure have fun playing dress-up with this little girl! We can’t get enough of my little sweet pea!!!!!

By Sunday I braved the weather! (cabin fever!!!)I wrapped up the weekend with some craft club gals!!! I love going to craft club!! It was a morning of creative juices, brunch, giggles, and some pretty awesome craft projects!!
When I arrived, there was a spot for me with a name tag and “swag bag”. There was a clipboard and invoice so I could keep track of the crafts I made.

Here’s my workstation. (How cute is that?!)


There were many craft projects I could choose from and I made several different things. One of them, I will share with you!!
Look at this beautifully organized area!!  -Look at all the supplies. A crafter’s paradise.



Craft:  a garland/pennant banner for my daughter’s bedroom 🙂



…you get the point.  :^}

Briefly, here are a few of the other fun crafties we made: A dinner menu, soap dispenser, Christmas pennant banner and two different types of coasters different types of coasters. We all had such a great time. So much fun!!


20131209-000622.jpg   20131209-000631.jpg

Happy SnOw dAy!!




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