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||Merry Christmas||

Hey everyone!! I hope you’re having a happy & healthy holiday season! Now that the rush is over and things are starting to settle, I’d like to share how we spent our first holiday as a family of three! :^}

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.

                  -Charles Dickens

{It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas}

It started with a week of snow…lots of it. Click here for more pics from our snowy week!!


Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

 {Deck the Halls}

Traditionally, I start my Christmas shopping on Black Friday. This kick starts “Christmas” for me. When I return home, I begin wrapping and decorating… all weekend long!! It’s probably one of my most happiest times of the whole year. I can’t wait for Natalie to be the age when she believes in Santa Claus (like her mama!).  That will be sooooooooo fun! Soon she will be as excited as I am to decorate and get ready for the holiday season!

                                             IMG_5682                IMG_5724

I did an all new Christmas mantel this year, which turned out awesome! I went with white, green, metallic, burlap…    I really like how it turned out.


Next, it was time to decorate the tree and get the gifts wrapped. This year we tamed it down a bit with the tree size. We have high, vaulted ceilings so it’s easy for me to get carried away and try to bring home an old-growth fir 🙂 Our tree this year, though shorter, was just perfect. One by one we added our family ornaments.

On the first Eve of Christmas that we spent together, Ross & I exchanged ornaments. Six Christmases later, we haven’t broken tradition. Sometimes the ornaments we get each other are silly… Like the santa behind the ESPN desk I got Ross one year that says, ” He could go HO HO  HO ALL THE WAY!!!” … Other times they’re a little more sentimental like the 2010 talking-picture ornament Ross got me. This year Natalie got an ornament too! Her first ornament! I’m glad we started this tradition!! One day, I can give Natalie HER ornaments to start her own collection.

Natalie and mama hung  her first ornament together. It’s a pink and white ceramic rocking horse that says, “Baby’s first Christmas 2013”. Here’s a pic of me and Natalie hanging it on the tree together.

 image_13  image_11     

Here’s another new ornament this year:


The presents flooded out and around the entertainment center…

image_19    image_20    image_21      


Gracie was exhausted from all the decorating…


{The gift of giving}

Presents… Who doesn’t love receiving presents?! I’ve always enjoyed giving at Christmas time. It’s so rewarding watching the recipient’s expression when they open their special gift. The gift you purposely bought with them in mind. Sometimes I struggle finding the right gift… Other times it comes to me months early, but I scribble it down for future reference. If you don’t know by now, I’m a major list-maker.

A couple of our gifts this year were homemade!

I’m super excited about this. We made a platter for Grammy Teresa!

It was super easy and cost effective!! After a quick trip to Jo-Ann’s- we got started.

image_3 (2)      image_4 (2)IMG_5752       IMG_5785


Here’s our not so eager assistant, Natalie.

photo 2

image_2 (2)

photo_1[1] photo photo 2 (2)

image (2)

This turned out so great! After letting it dry for 24 hours, I baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Simple as that!

I also gave away homemade coasters:

I mod-podged dictionary pages onto blank tiles..


Then glued felt feet on the bottom.

IMG_5739  IMG_5759 IMG_5735  IMG_5737       

These coasters turned out so great, thanks to one craft club crafty chick I know!!


{It’s a wrap!!}

IMG_5776       IMG_5778        IMG_5779


Here’s a gift for the perfect “pear”.

IMG_5722   IMG_5721   IMG_5764   IMG_5762

IMG_5719   IMG_5718      

{24 hours of Christmas}


On Christmas Eve, we went up to my in-laws for a ham dinner! It was delicious, as always. We had such a good time visiting with family.

image_50   image_49   image_48   image_46   image_5  image_4   image_2image_3

Then we came home and fell fast asleep…

As you would expect, Santa came to fill our stockings and bring us gifts… since we were so good all year long.



Our wonderful neighbors left a package on our doorstep. How cute is this? Santa glasses, and a snowman full of hot cocoa mix!


Time to open stockings and presents!


“What could this present be?!”


   ” Is it a pony?”


“Humans are such a fascinating breed.”

image_25          image_22

“What is it??”                                                        “Alright! Just what I wanted!!”

image_23   image_15   image_24   image_16   image_17

For Christmas dinner, we went back up to my in-law’s house for prime rib! Yummmmmmm!!!

Family Time

image_45 image_44 image_52image_40 image_41 image_34  image_42 image_39image_37 image_6 image_36  image_31 image_35 image_43 image_51image_32  image_30

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Happy New Year from the Myrmos!!


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