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Bye-Bye boring laundry room!

:: Makeover Throwback::

I hate to do laundry. I really hate it. Laundry is by far my least favorite household chore. Honestly, who likes to do laundry anyway? Ugh! The hubs and I have soooooooooooooooo many clothes; It’s just a never ending battle…

If I’m going to be stuck with this annoying, and tedious task of washing, folding,etc. …  I must make over this little space! I must make it cute, yet functional. It needs just  a pinch of kindness… Unfortunately, I don’t have any “before” pics. Use your imagination… it was plain. White. Pretty basic. :^} I chose green and brown as my colors for this space.. I went to TJ Maxx and Target to find accessories like storage baskets and decorative pieces for the shelves. Then it was off to The Home Depot for paint.

So, let’s start with an accent wall:



Hhhmm…                             STOP!

This color looks SOCCER FIELD GREEN!   My gut tell me, it’s time to stop and start again. My poor husband came in, saw the bright green, and just about freaked out! haha!

HHmm… okay, back to Home Depot we go…

After a quick swap, we got the color we were looking for.

IMG_1548                         IMG_1549

That looks so much better! Whew!! Okay, onto the next step…

After the paint dried for over 24 hours, I added the cute laundry room decal I bought from Amazon.com. It was simple to apply because

of the convenient self-adhesive.  Just peel it back and STICK!


Isn’t this “Welcome to our Home” sign adorbs?! I printed some wedding pics in black & white which looks pretty cool with the green wall. I think it looks great in the space.


So across from this new, awesome wall, is the washer and dryer…

IMG_5258    IMG_5259   IMG_1379  IMG_5260     IMG_1377

Cute key hook I found at Ben Franklin Crafts             Target had green baskets in just the right color!!

I was browsing Pinterest… and found this adorable sign.

I recreated it here:


This sign did turn out cute, too bad the hubs doesn’t read it! :^}

If I must, I can now do our laundry in a newly updated, and very cute I might add,  laundry room.

Now it’s on to my next project!!


Thanks for stopping by!





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