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[GRACEful Grey]

::Throwback Makeover::

Our home. It has white cabinets with white walls… and white trim… and white doors… white. white. white. The house needed a bit of color!

So, I talked Ross into letting me throw a slight contrast on the walls… In honor of the pooch, we went with a “GRACEful grey “. It turned out to be the perfect contrast. Subtle. The grey makes the trim and cabinets stand out. Before they almost washed out completely. It really matches the decor and our new floors nicely too.

IMG_1334      IMG_1336

IMG_1337    IMG_1333     288

Boy, this was such a huge chore! So much paint…

           IMG_1332          IMG_1335                            BEFORE                                                        AFTER

IMAG0139      290

BEFORE                                                                                AFTER

Even though we went with a light grey, it really added a great contrast to our little home-y space.

See ya at our next home improvement project!


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