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{White Bench}

Today I’m sharing my latest DIY project. I went to Bring Recycling looking for.. I’m not sure actually.. I’d never been there before and wanting to just wander around…They had so many things: Doors, windows, any type of hardware, tools, toilets, bathtubs, old high school lockers, entertainment centers… and on and on.. What found me was an adorable little white bench.  It was old, covered in dirt, spider webs, and a little mold. But to me, it was a beautiful new project. A diamond in the rough. I couldn’t wait to get it home and get to work. After a quick inspection (always check used items thoroughly!), I asked someone to help me load it. I can’t believe it was in such great condition! A small corner needed a smidgeon of wood glue, and the bottom needed to be replaced. Otherwise, it was perfect. Gimme gimme!!

$40: SOLD!

Isn’t she a beauty?!


Look at all that storage!

IMG_6241 (A black widow spider hitched a ride home with us. Not awesome)

The bench sat for a day or so to dry out.

IMG_6240   IMG_6239

Just a quick wipe down already made a big difference.


A little bleach wiped out the naughty mold.


See the small ouchy? A dab of wood glue did the trick.


Next I went to the local hardware store where I purchased a cut-to-order board for the bottom, sand paper, and Rust-oleum flat white paint.   $14.54


I used a fine grit, then extra fine grit sand paper.


Wiped dust away, and now it’s ready for paint.

IMG_6259 IMG_6260

After just one coat…


The new board fit perfectly. I secured it by hammering a few nails into the original bottom.

IMG_6257 IMG_6258





     I’m starting to redecorate my daughter’s bedroom.  I don’t like how I originally decorated the space,  so I’m starting to give it a little makeover… and the bench will look great under her window.  Here’s a pic of the before and after:

This the old bench, which is now in my Crafty Corner of the garage.


This new bench looks much better don’t you think?


Stayed tuned for more “Natalie’s bedroom” updates soon!


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