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{{Valentine’s Day Love Juice}} …Candy alternative.

    •   {{Valentine’s Love Juice}}

Today I’m here to show you the cute Valentine’s Day gifts I’m handing out at my office. It’s {{Valentine’s Love Juice}}. Click here to see where I got the idea.


This year, I wanted something other than candy. It’s easy to go buy some heart-shaped chocolate. I’m trying to be healthier and so with that, and Valentine’s Day approaching, I found this idea for a candy alternative!


  • bottle of purified water
  • 1 packet of sugar free fruit punch powdered drink mix. (5 cal)


I ordered some supplies from this amazing company called: Pickyourplum.com (I could go on and on about this great company and website!! I signed up to get daily emails with awesome deals on craft supplies, clothes, jewelry, etc. They have low shipping charges too!)  Check them out! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be glad you did.)

20140209-090209.jpg     20140209-090221.jpg

Any who…  Once this box arrived I started assembling these “love juice” bottles. There were a couple snags along the way… At first, I couldn’t get them to turn out just how I wanted. I tried a couple different tags, changed the writing, colors, etc. I had a couple re-do’s too… Thankfully, our office is small, and I only had to make 7 of these darn things.. All in all, I’m pleased with the outcome. They were a little time-consuming, but the bottles turned out pretty cute. Most importantly, it’s a nice alternative to sugary candy and chocolate.

20140209-090248.jpg  20140209-090157.jpg  20140208-162728.jpg

20140208-162708.jpg           20140208-162716.jpg

You have my heart.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!





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