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{{ a sNoW dAy LeAdS tO pOT rOaSt}}


Well. Well. Well. Here we are again with gobs of snow. . .  It.Fell.All.Day.Long.

…and left several inches on the valley floor. Big fluffy flakes. You won’t hear me complaining though. I {{love}} it!!! Snow is so pretty!  (especially when I don’t have to be driving around in it) Instead, I had the day off and spent it tucked down with the Little Munchkin.  (Have I mentioned I {{love}} being at home with my baby?? It’s the BEST!) We checked out the snow, cleaned the house, put a roast in the crockpot for dinner, and did a lot of playing. I find that being a mom let’s me be a kidding all over again!!

I got soooo much done… drinking an entire pot of coffee may have played a role in my productivity…just sayin’.

The snow began to fall…


…and fall


and fall some more…


It just finally stopped. But… the weatherman predicts it’ll be back tomorrow. YAY!!!


|Pot roast|… it’s what’s for dinner!! MMMMmmmmmm!! We layered the bottom of the crockpot with celery and potatoes as a nice little cushion for the beef. Then we seared the heck out of it, and placed it on top… After jabbing a few plump garlic cloves here and there… we poured a delicious mixture of seasoning, water, and red wine… ((Hungry yet?!))


Finally we tucked it in with a blanket of red potatoes, carrots, onion, and more celery. Good night little pot roast..


The crockpot.

Such a terrific kitchen appliance.  So easy. Truly idiot-proof. You take some raw meat… throw in a bunch of veggies, and seasoned water, and you end up with a delicious meal?! That’s what I’m talking about!


Alright crockpot, do ur thaaang ;^}

***8 hours later ***


Our pot roast turned out perfect! The meat was tender with tons of flavor. The veggies were soft and juicy with a dark color from the vino. We served it all with biscuits and a crisp green salad. Now we have leftovers up the wazoo

Mmmmmmmmmm… I can’t wait for a roast beef sandwich for lunch tomorrow!!

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by!








Friday, February 7th, 2014


Well the sky dumped snow on our lovely city again, today!!

20140207-174830.jpg                     20140207-171502.jpg

We got about half a foot of powder when it was all said in done. So beautiful. I went outside and stomped around in it… too bad I couldn’t build a snowman… Snow is far too powdery. I may have to make some yummy soup tomorrow… hhhhmmmm…

20140207-171443.jpg  20140207-171431.jpg  20140207-171404.jpg 20140207-171352.jpg        20140207-171344.jpg


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