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Natalie’s Bedroom Makeover #1

Oh the joys of decorating!!!

Today I’m sharing with you the makeover of our daughter’s bedroom… or at least the progression. It’s a work in progress..

When I found out we were pregnant with a girl, I didn’t know where to start. How should I decorate a nursery for a girl? Hmm… thinking. thinking. I knew I didn’t want anything too cutesy.. I was really at a loss for ideas..

Here’s a before shot:


This spare bedroom was a catch-all, mix-matched, misc. storage area. Now it’s time to make room for a little princess!!

First, we cleared everything out and shampooed the carpets.



Next, we took a trip to Portland and went to Ikea. I bought a white storage rack to put in her closet, along with two dressers, and a rocking chair! I like Ikea; Great prices and so much to choose from! It felt good to start filling this space. It sat empty for so long.. Once we started to assemble furniture, it really started to sink in. This room is for another person. This is happening! We’re creating a space for this new, exciting addition to our happy little family!! EEK!!

  Here I am, about 5 1/2 months prego, assembling furniture… and loving every minute of it!


This will be perfect for all those little things I want to keep up off the floor! Target has black storage boxes that fit perfectly in the cubby holes.


Then we painted her closet… a fuchsia /hot pink. It looks red in the pics but it’s not. It turned out great! Take a look:

IMG_2333   IMG_2325   IMG_2332IMG_2342

We painted the bedroom walls a light grey. Well that was the intent… they turned out a light blueish-greyish but oh well.


 For the theme I decided on  black & white furniture with touches of fuchsia for the colors. Here’s the black contemporary furniture from Ikea.

Look! The hubs helped! Here’s the proof. hee hee

photo (8)

Here are pics of the new Ikea dressers and rocking chair:

IMG_2282    IMG_2391    IMG_2385

{{Note: I was very disappointed with this rocking chair, by the way. Yes It’s cute, fits great in the space. However once my daughter arrived and I tried to use it, it wasn’t comfortable. I couldn’t nurse her while sitting in it. It also didn’t rock very well.. I really could have used an ottoman to push off of because it doesn’t rock with ease. Needless to say, by the time our daughter turned 6 month old, it was relocated to the living room which is also contemporary. It works.}}


602106_10151513280870530_620458926_n     734921_10151513278835530_770222062_n

I had a really hard time finding bedding I liked. I mean I looked EVERYWHERE: Pottery Barn, Walmart, Target, amazon.com, local shops, etsy… I searched on the internet a ton too! I eventually settled on this.. It was girly enough, with baby animals. That’ll have to work right? I was tired of looking so I settled. Again, I really struggled decorating this room. I couldn’t get my mind around the fact that this was a BABY. (I kept trying to decorate it like a guest bedroom. Too adult-like). I blame it on the hormones. When I decorate or craft, ideas usually come to me easily… I just had no idea what I wanted in this space.


IMG_2343 IMG_2344 IMG_2345


Here’s Natalie’s monster from Marley’s Monsters

Natalie’s nursery:

11425_10151513280640530_2136374694_n     253112_10151513280440530_159690307_n 427216_10151513280305530_1821750944_nIMG_2388

     IMG_3432       photo (9

It’s all ready for baby!!!

photo (2)

I hope you like it!


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