|Valentine’s Mantel 2014|

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I wanted to get a jump start on decorating the mantel.  Woo hoo!

As you may start to notice, I’m a little obsessed with decorating our mantel. Tee hee. I kinda like it. *wink*

I don’t have very many Valentine’s Day decorations, so I think I’ll get crafty! … with the help from my good old pal Pinterest!! I want to show how easy it is to have a nicely decorated space, without breaking the bank!! I will try to re-use and DIY as much as possible. It’s so rewarding to see a beautifully finished product that was done under budget! YES!!!

Here’s some of my inspiration from Pinterest:

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After a few helpful ideas, I was inspired and ready to get started.

…A quick stop at Michael’s craft store.


Eek! I love that store! Dangerous. Okay- Let’s get our craft on!



Ooh! I’m so excited about this next pic!!  -Okay so this empty picture frame was snatched up from Goodwill a couple years ago. I took the picture and glass out of it, painted it white, and used it as a prop for wedding pictures. Since then (2012) it’s sat in our storage unit, waiting to come in handy once again. Today’s the day!!!  Talk about re-using!!

picture frame: FREE

bare mantel

Next I needed to put something inside this huge frame.. I decided to hang a Valentine’s Day wreath in the center. The cardboard wreath template was only $2.99 and the smaller red roses were $6.99, but I used a 40% off coupon- all from Michael’s! The white roses (once again) are leftovers from some old wedding crafts! Score!   :^}


m      yyt

I stuck the mini roses in the wreath randomly to fill in space.


I’ve only spent about $10 so far!!


Next, I made a fun garland out of mini pom-pom balls, sheet music, and twine! The twine I already had and the sheet music I found at Goodwill for $.99!! After I bought the pom-poms, this garland cost less than $5.00!



I ended up not using the mini clothes pins. They weighed it down too much.


First the mini pom-poms.                                                               Then a couple hearts.

image_19           image_21

I think this little garland turned out perfect. Simple and pretty.


What do you think?


I still haven’t used the little sign that says “love”… hhhmmm….


I found a little bit of mini pom-pom garland that I had left over from a Handmade Holiday Craft Club!! Thank you Jenn!!


Next I found another, smaller frame that wasn’t being used. (It’s always good to stock up on a few of these kinds of items when thrift store shopping or hitting up garage sales. I grab things I know I’ll use later!!)

I used some fabric to fill in the frame. Once again, those awesome crafty chicks hooked me up! At this last craft club meeting, each person had a “swag bag” full of goodies, our name tag, pencils, acrylic paint, candy, and this cute fabric. It was the perfect size for this project!! Thanks crafters!!

I spread out my fabric and ironed out the wrinkles… Never mind the 1970’s iron okay?!


Easy as…

one                                                                         two                                                   three

s    l    u

Check out this cute little cherub who jumped in my cart at Goodwill. Brand new….. $3.99!!! I know. I know. I totally scored.


Now for the finished product:






Remember how I said the large frame was originally used in our wedding? Take a closer look at the picture frame on the mantel…


Photo courtesy of Elysian Images -Copyright 2012 Elysian Images Photography

Well that’s it! (for now)… I’m already working on one last piece for this Valentine’s Mantel, but the mod-podge is still drying.. so you’ll have to wait!!

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Be our guest…


Here’s a before shot of our guest bedroom:

IMAG0143 IMAG0142

It was a bit of an eyesore.. It was used as storage for some random things. Nothing really matched. This room was screaming for a makeover!!

I chose chocolate and mint as my colors for the space.

First we painted the back wall a light blue:


I got the lampshade & accent pillows at Ross Dress 4 Less. The chocolate duvet cover and lamp base were garage sale finds! The nightstand was in another room not being used, so it was FREE!!

Since I don’t have a headboard, the back wall needed a focal point.. I found 3 blank canvases in my craft corner.


Who’d thought a couple sticks glued to a canvas would turn out so cute & contemporary!? This new art took me all of about 15 minutes to do. It’s a great temporary fix, until I can get a headboard!!

405       404        401

275                 276



photo (1)

Your room awaits :^}

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